Ltd Videoelektronica is a manufacturer of special and dual-purpose cathode-ray devices. Our enterprise produces more than 70 types of cathode-ray devices.

Our company specializes in the designing and production of:

  1. Cathode-ray tubes (oscillographic, projection, receiving, indicator)
  2. Microfocus low-power X-ray tubes
  3. Modulated UV sources

Our equipment, tooling, measuring and controlling instruments, as well as the extensive experience of highly qualified specialists, allow us to manufacture vacuum tubes at the highest possible quality level.

The enterprise possesses the necessary technical base for the development and production of vacuum tubes.

The main production sites are:

  1. Stamping area
  2. Flat legs production area
  3. Technochemistry section
  4. Phosphor application area
  5. Assembly area for electron-optical systems for cathode-ray devices
  6. Constructing workshop
  7. Assembly area