Ltd. Videolectronika was set up in 1997 at the production base of Zaprudnya Factory of vacuum tubes.

Ltd. Videolectronika is a close-knit team that brings together highly qualified technical specialists and experts in the fields of:

  • Electrovacuum technology
  • Technochemistry
  • Electronics
  • Stamping of thin parts
  • Design and development of equipment and tools
  • CNC machine programming

Areas of activity

  • Carrying out research and development work in the field of technology design and manufacturing for vacuum tubes, incl. ultraviolet lamps and low-power sharp-focus X-ray tubes;
  • Production of devices prototypes based on the results of R&D, R&D, experimental and technological work;
  • Contract manufacturing of electronics (medium and large-scale assembly of printed circuit boards);
  • Production of electronic blocks & devices;
  • CNC metalworking.

Projects in progress

  • Devices prototypes produced according to the results of research and development work:
    – Modulated UV sources;
    – Microfocus low-power X-ray tubes;
    – Economical light sources based on cathodoluminescence with field emission cathodes.
  • Development of design and technological documentation
    First of all, it is the development of technical documentation in the field of information technology. There is also work with software products, hardware and software systems, automated systems and other IT solutions.

Our production does not stand still. We are developing, constantly expanding the scope of activities and mastering new types of products. We pay great attention to innovative development.

We strive for long-term, stable and mutually beneficial partnerships and are always ready to provide maximum support to our partners at all stages of the project.

We believe that effective collaboration is the key to success and highly value each of our partners.

We are open to cooperation and are ready to offer our customers the best price-quality ratio in the field.